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A yard sale (also known as a garage sale, rummage sale or jumble sale) is an informal, irregularly scheduled shopping place of used and new household items. The goods are usually sold by one or more families. When a few families decide to have a sale,the sale may be referred to as block sale or community sale.

Garage Sales and Yard Sales sample

Families usually hold a garage sale to get rid of their unwanted items while making some money. A garage sale is also a preferred method for recycling items by many environmentally conscience individuals.

To have a yard sale the seller displays his/her wares to the passers-by or those responding to signs, newspaper, and online ads. Online ads are becoming more and more popular for yard sale advertising.

The sales venue is usually a garage, driveway, front yard, porch or combination of these. Some vendors, known as squatters may set up their sale in a highly trafficked area not on their own property.

You can sell almost anything in a garage sale. Staples of garage sales usually include used/new clothing, books, toys, and board games. Larger items like furniture, appliances, consumer electronics, and computers are also sold. More importantly many people offer to sell rare items and antiques in their garage sales. This is specially an important fact that has attracted many bargain hunters to the garage sales.

Garage sales occur most frequently in suburban areas on good-weather weekends. Such sales attract people who are searching for bargains or for rare and unusual items. Bargaining on prices is routine, and items may or may not have price labels affixed.

Many people make a living by buying goods from these sales, restoring the times, and reselling them.

Many people think yard sales are for poor people. This is absolutely not correct as many rich people do run yard sales and look for yard sales to do their shopping!

A traditional garage sale is a fun activity. An alternative to a traditional garage sale is online selling. Also, shoppers can benefit from online yard sales. Some benefits are listed here...

To successfully run a garage sale please visit the expert's advice section. Also the yard sale and garage sale tips for sellers section provides you with quick tips for having a successful sale.

To make sure that you benefit the most from garage sale shopping please visit the expert's advice section. You should also read the yard sale and garage sale tips for buyers section.


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