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Yard Sale Preparation

Yard Sale Portal
Yard Sale Portal
Friday, June 24, 2005

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There are two things to consider when preparing for a yard sale (garage sale): Rules and regulations, Items to sell.

It is important to find out about the yard sale (garage sale) rules and regulations in your area before doing anything else. The rules and regulations will affect the way you advertise and when and where you present the items to your customers. To find out about the rules you can contact your city government and neighborhood associations to see if there are any rules about how often you can have a yard sale (garage sale) or if you need to get a permit.

To make a profitable sale you need to have enough items to offer to your visitors. In the weeks before your sale, gather items together in one central location. If you haven't used the item in a year, sell it. For a better collection you can also talk to your neighbors about having a yard sale on the same day. The more items there are the more likely people will stop by as opposed to just driving by. A "block" sale is always more exciting and fun.

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