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Yard Sale Setup

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Friday, June 24, 2005

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How you setup your yard sale (garage sale) is exteremly important. Your sale could double or triple with appropriate setup. It is important to make sure that all of your items are visible and easily accessible. Following are setup consideration that help you setup your sale appropriately.

  • While setting up your yard sale (garage sale), be sure to keep dogs and smaller children away from the sale both for their safety as well as the buyer's safety.
  • Make sure that items that are not for sale are not mixed with the ones that you are selling. If you leave out your kid's bike, that isn't for sale, you may lose selling the old skates, that are for sale, because the parent wanted to buy both. Perhaps they have two children and are unwilling to buy the skates unless you also sell the bike.
  • It is good to have refreshments either free or for sale. Cookies, brownies, lemonade, or soda cans work best. This especially helps for families with kids who are always hungry and thirsty. If a parent can buy a treat for their kid, it will make the kid happy and the parent will stay and shop longer.
  • Be sure to have a comfortable place to sit out of the sun. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.
  • Keep a paperback book by your chair so you have something to pass the time during slow periods.
  • Whatever you do, smile and have fun. People who drive by are more likely to stop when they see a smiling face and it looks like people are enjoying themselves.
  • If you are setting up your yard sale (garage sale) on an area with lawn sprinklers, make sure that the sprinklers are covered with a box or a table so the buyers won't trip on them.
  • If you have anything electrical for sale, be sure to have an extension cord so the item can be plugged in to show it works to avoid letting someone go inside your home to plug things in.
  • TVs or computers are better sold in yard sales (garage sales) if they are alreay plugges in and turned on.
  • Be sure that all your items are clean and that you know what works and what doesn't. You will be surprised at how much value you can give things by using a little soap and water. Besides, if things are dirty, people will think you didn't take care of them, so they will be less interested in buying. So if the items have been sitting in the garage getting dusty, clean them before the sale.
  • Place small items on tables. Either borrow folding tables from friends or place some wood boards between saw horses. This makes things more visible and people are more likely to look at things that they don't have to bend over or crouch down to view.
  • Put big description signs near your bigger items. For instance, if you are selling an exercise bike, tape a sign on the handlebars that says it is $25, used only twice, has a small tear on the seat, and sells new at the local Wal-Mart for $125.
  • It is good to have your most glamorous items near the curb to attract attention. It is easier for women to get their husbands to stop if you have tools and sports equipment viewable from their passing vehicles.
  • Tools of any kinds will sell well. That means even a simple screwdriver or an old rusted drill bit or even garden tools. You don't need to negotiate much on the tools because they are usually a hot item.
  • Clothes don't usually sell well unless they are for children or designer clothes. Of course, anything unusual will sell so put out your boots or party dresses and rock T-shirts.


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